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    by Published on 08-11-2012 08:25 PM

    Welcome to the AquaNerd Forums,

    We just wanted to thank you for visiting our new aquarium community and invite you to register so that you too can begin interacting with fellow saltwater aquarium hobbyists from all over the globe. Though our forum community is still in its infancy and may be small, it's quickly expanding thanks to the hard work and dedication we've been pouring into the <a href="">AquaNerd Blog</a> over the past three years.

    We understand that the site is currently devoid of content and features, but our forum community is in no way close to being finished in terms of the overall look and feel. We're still working hard testing out new features that will expand the functionality and look of the community, and we invite any and all feedback related to the AquaNerd Forum and even the blog.


    Brandon Klaus and the AquaNerd Team